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Shopify is a secure and advanced e-commerce platform. How?

Shopify is a secure and advanced e-commerce platform. How?

Unfortunately, many businesses vanished, and countless people were become unemployed due to the commute restrictions during the global pandemic. However, these scenarios entirely change the business world and modes of working. Besides its adverse impacts, it greatly propels the eCommerce world.

That’s why businesses move to online modes rather than only relying upon brick-and-mortar stores. Consequently, e-commerce platforms have gained greater attention than previously. It also raised one of the most popular questions “Is Shopify the best and most secure eCommerce platform?” Because Shopify stands out in the crowd among tons of eCommerce platforms.

Therefore, many eCommerce experts answer this question on different platforms, but still, some areas need to be uncovered. Well, the answer entirely depends on you how and why you are using Shopify. In simple words, it is one of the best potent eCommerce store builders that saves time and also provides ease of using it. Let’s mull over this question in detail from basic to advance, so keep scrolling.

What is Shopify?

It is an all-in-one, scalable, and sophisticated ecommerce platform that allows ambitious and aspirant entrepreneurs to create an online shop to sell services, products, and commodities. Additionally, it’s an easy, simple, adaptable, and incredibly powerful solution for creating an eCommerce store. It allows you to quickly and easily set up your items, collections, online shop, and payment gateway systems.

Shopify offers a fantastic ecosystem of professionals and app partners who can help you expand your business quickly. Moreover, it also provides numerous add-ons that you can add to your store to boost its functionality.

However, it makes eCommerce business simple for ambitious business owners to expand. Here’s what they’ve done thus far to help:

  • There are around 5,00,000 online stores and enterprises
  • Over a million active users
  • Shopify stores have generated over $40 billion in revenue.

So, don’t you think it’s the ideal e-commerce platform for individuals and organizations looking to expand and flourish? If you are still confused, then let’s jump to the main section to make it clearer.

How Shopify is the best eCommerce platform?

It is among the powerful platform that is also user-friendly. Scaling on Shopify is straightforward for both small and large online stores. Moreover, it is full of useful store applications, both free and paid, such as email marketing and Social media integrations.

Presently, it is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. With hundreds of built-in features and a broad selection of applications, it’s designed to let users create their own scalable online store. Your items may be sold on your own website, as well as on marketplaces and social media channels. However, their experts and developers’ community are always there to help you.

What makes Shopify Outstanding and secure?

Well, the main question of this writing is, “How Shopify is a secure and advanced eCommerce platform?” In short, in many ways, Shopify is the most secure and advanced eCommerce platform. However, there are a lot of reasons that justify this answer, but here I am mentioning some of the key reasons. So, be with us to find the answer to this big HOW:

·         SSL Certified Website (HTTPS):

Shopify provides SSL-certified websites by default, which may quickly instill trust in your visitors. Many procedures need SSL website security certification, such as online payments that need account information, debit/credit card payments, etc. A secure transaction network between the Client and the Server is compulsory, which is only possible through HTTPS/SSL certificate.

·         Advance Checkout

The most crucial procedure of an e-store is checkout. The finest eCommerce platform is one that allows clients to easily complete their orders. Thanks to Shopify’s streamlined and secure checkout, customers may have a pleasant purchasing experience without facing any technological difficulties. However, advanced checkout customization is available depending on your Shopify plan.

·         Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the key factor in ranking your store or product among millions of competitors. Therefore, Shopify’s default backend can help you with this. It has built-in functionality to add the title and description of your product, page, or blog. Moreover, it also controls robots.txt by default, ensuring that search engine crawlers are managed in an organized manner.

Besides this, Shopify creates different sitemaps ensuring that pages uploaded through sitemap are crawled and indexed efficiently. As a result, there’s no need to use a third-party add-on to create a different sitemap. However, for a smooth user experience, it also does the 301 redirects by default. It means it automatically redirects the traffic to the new one if you rename the URL of a page.

Shopify is a secure and advanced e-commerce platform

·         Elegant Themes

You may use Shopify’s free and premium themes to create your store without knowing how to code. Although the free themes are rather decent, you should choose a premium theme, which typically costs $140 to $180 for a one-time price if you want to stand out in the crowd.

You simply need a little time to establish an elegant-looking business because you have numerous alternatives for themes to design your store. You will find a theme that suits you regardless of your industry.

·         Shopify Built-In Apps

Every platform has its own plugins/add-ons for the purpose of boosting its functionality. Similarly, Shopify also has such add-ons and named it Apps. These applications provide extra features to retailers like social sharing, customization, product reviews, etc.

So, you will find thousands of apps there, available to help you improve the functionality and usability of your shop. Each app is designed to be simple to integrate, implement, and configure, making them popular and simple to use.

·         24/7 Technical support

Although Shopify is a simple eCommerce solution that requires no technical knowledge to operate, you may need assistance at some time. Don’t worry, because Shopify has you covered there. You may contact their customer service team by email, live chat, or phone. They also offer an active information forum where you may seek assistance.

Shopify is a secure and advanced e-commerce platform

·         Built-In Hosting

Almost all eCommerce platforms require buying hosting to show your store online publically. But you don’t have to pay for hosting with a Shopify monthly subscription. Your store will be hosted on Shopify’s servers, which means there will be no downtime. Finally, you receive a safe and affordable hosting solution.

·         Security and Speed

For an online shop, speed is crucial. According to a recent study, consumers will abandon a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. This implies that if your business takes an eternity to load, you will regularly lose a large number of consumers.

However, Shopify is the greatest eCommerce platform since it is designed to load quickly using CDNs. Web sites tend to load quickly when CDN manages items like CSS, JS, and pictures.

Shopify is a secure and advanced e-commerce platform

·         Built-In Marketing tools

Built-in marketing capabilities in Shopify help startups save their expenditures. It lets you add page names, Meta descriptions, unique URLs, and Meta titles, make pages visible or invisible, and redirect pages as needed. It also allows you to personalize the store & also connects with the most popular social networking networks to help promote products.

·         14-Days Free Trial

Interestingly, Shopify allows its users to first learn about Shopify’s UI and functionality. For this purpose, the platform provides a 14-day free trial to new users. So, with this free trial, one can analyze their needs and choose the best package for them.

These are some of the key reasons that would help you understand how Shopify is the most secure and advanced eCommerce platform. Besides these points, it has also many more factors that validate its proficiency and functionality, such as Facebook pixels integration, friendly backend, Shopify API, blogging options, abandoned cart recovery, etc.


Whether you are a business owner or a job seeker, Shopify is the best place to double your income and helps you in selling your product or services. Its secure and advanced features keep you protected from mishappenings or misfortune. That’s why we would recommend you must try its free 14 days trial to explore the greatest opportunities for yourself and for your brand. It’s the technological era, so being oblivious to such technological inventions is just like ignoring the biggest opportunities. Be friendly and flexible to technological discoveries to stay competitive; otherwise, you may face a fate like BlackBerry or Nokia.

One thing more, don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us. We are always open to your comments.

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